Pay Per Click Advertising is one of the most cost-effective and targeted forms of marketing on the internet. These are ads for your website that appear through some of the largest advertising platforms including Google Adwords and AdSense.

The advantage of Pay Per Click Advertising, or PPC, is that it is unlike impression-based or traditional ads in which you pay when people see the advertisement; instead you only pay for results when someone actually clicks the ad and visits your site.

1. Business & Target Market Analysis

Goals & Objectives - Collaboration with you to establish pay per click goals and objectives and to produce a measurable ROI for the pay per click advertising program (i.e. cost per click, increased sales, more leads, etc.).

Website Analysis - Provide an analysis of visible text and source code to determine how well you are positioned for PPC and ROI, including conversion opportunities.

Competitive Analysis - Assess marketplace activity, including how effectively competitors are making use of pay per click services.

2. Budget & Advertising

Budget Recommendations - Recommend monthly budget based on your likely needs, including target products and services.

Website Analysis - Determine the final budget in conjunction with your organization's other marketing initiatives.

Competitive Analysis - Determine the best fit for your campaigns, including Google AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing.

3. Keyword and Ad Development

Campaign Organization - Development of a flow chart to determine the most effective way to categorize your keywords, ads and landing pages.

Keyword Analysis - Analysis and recommendation of keywords based on Internet user behavior trends (frequency and diversity of keyword phrases), including target market and demographics.

Keyword Selection - Approval of final keyword list based on our research, including your business needs, how people search on the Internet and competitors' activity.

Campaign Development - Establish campaigns and accounts with select media, including bid management software parameters.

Create Ads - Develop suitable ad copy (including tests) based on ROI objectives, landing pages and select media guidelines, including style and word count restrictions.

4. Measurement and Reporting

Performance Tracking - Analysis of paid search trends, including ad impressions, clicks, cost per click (CPC), overall cost, average ad position, etc.

Strategic Reports - Client executive summary of activity as well as detailed charts and recommendations based on PPC tracking software and Web analytics.

Campaign Adjustments and Ongoing Measurement - Campaign updates as needed, including ad copy, landing pages, keywords, maximum cost per click, daily keyword budgets and bidding strategies.

Our PPC ad campaign management services in each phase of campaign evaluation :

PPC ad campaign Consultation
The whole process starts with a good communication between you and our professionals to make you understand the process, what is good and what is bad; also our professionals should understand you business, requirements and target.

Keyword Research
Sometimes the most relevant keyword is not the best one. Our professionals find out best and effective keywords for targeting specific audience for your website.

Ad creation
Creation of a catchy and business oriented ad is very crucial for PPC ad campaign.

Landing page optimization
An effective landing page is very important for the campaign because visitors should get engaged and convinced at that very page.

Account management
Setting up an account in the search engine of your choice.

Installation and Testing
We install the mandatory tools like Google analytics and perform some testing like split testing and conversion testing to optimize the whole campaign.

Performance Monitoring
Performance monitoring and analysis reports are the key factors of a successful PPC ad Campaign it also helps to estimate Return On Investment(ROI).

Support and feedback
Industry standard support system and timely feedback keeps you in business and up to date.